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School website as service

The Web industry is changing, not only driven by advances in technology, but more specifically in the way business procure their web services and opting for secure, accessible and flexible websites that enable personalized digital experiences.

Organizations are now moving away from the high CAPEX models and are looking for products that are delivered as a service. SAAS model, with the added benefit of being constantly supported and able to evolve in line with business goals, objectives and messaging.

EdPride is at the forefront of this change, recognizing early on the need for a more comprehensive, inclusive and on-going service as opposed to simply completing a website project and handing it over, permitting it to become out of date. We are with you all the way, helping you create, manage and evolve your school site.

We have 3 core packages, designed to meet a wide range of school website requirements, aligned with the guidelines of the various boards and government departments. Should your requirements not match within any of our packages, or perhaps you need some more complex web application development we will work with you to craft a bespoke solution suited to your specific needs.

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